Medical Tourism Packages of Fly with AJ



Medical Tourism Packages of Fly with AJ

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It is estimated that the global prevalence of heart disease, liver, kidney and cancer related malignancies is primed to take on higher prevalence especially in newer emerging (GCC and CIS regions) and middle level and poor economies (including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa etc). And that makes Fly with AJ medical tourism services India important and affordable treatment methods very crucial. Here the medical tour packages are a great impetus in availing the patients and those seeking major medical procedures for various diseases or complications a vital block to better and improved health.

It is also believed the emergence of higher and improved standards of living or lifestyles has bred its own set of lifestyle diseases that are attributed either due to obesity, lack of proper dieting and exercise, sleep or rest, alcoholism and drug abuse (prescription ad narcotic substances)

Major Health Complications that are Part of Health and Medical Tourism India

Heart Disease; this is a serious challenge to India’s emergent middle class and working age population due to improved lifestyle and incomes. It stems from obesity, high cholesterol blood pressure, hereditary, diabetes and plaque buildup among others.

Liver; alcoholism, hepatitis B and C, malnutrition, drug abuse (over dosage and long term use) are among some potential causes of liver failure and complication.

Kidney; the medical tourism services India play a vital role in accessing best treatment for kidney diseases with major causes like diabetes, hypertension as well as polycystic kidney disease (PKD) among others.

Cancer; coming in a variety of complications be it, breast, ovarian, lung, colon, cervical, prostate, leukemia, oral, bone and lymphoma account for a lot of fatality in this disease.

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