Medical Tourism in collaboration with Fly with AJ



Medical Tourism in collaboration with Fly with AJ

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India is a magnet for medical tourism. It has the potential of becoming a crown jewel of India. Medical tourism India comes under the travel industry and this is the reason why the travel agencies have incorporated medical tourism packages for the foreign as well as home nationals.

Medical tourism is expected to grow in India

The expected growth rate of 20% can be witnessed by 2018. Seeking the opportunity, Fly with AJ has come up with many reasonable yet facility packed medical tour packages for different locations within India.

The reasons behind rise of medical tourism in India

Quality health care is the first and foremost factor that has shot up the influx of patients from countries around the globe. The technological advancement and availability of medical machines in India has improved the quality standards of medical care.

At such quality measures, the cost of the patients from the developed countries is reduced by almost 50% in India. Also the patients from other countries choose medical tourism India to get immediate treatments without the delay of formalities of health insurance etc.

Most hospitals in India have doctors that have practiced and studied abroad and are capable of using the latest technologies. They bring in such technology to India after their experience in abroad and settled down for good by opening private clinics or working in the world class hospitals in India.

Booking the Medical Tour Packages offers by Fly with AJ is the best option for Medical Tourism India. Come explore the possibilities of treatment with leisure.