Medical Tourism at Fly with AJ



Medical Tourism at Fly with AJ

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India has for sometime been on the world map of emerging destinations for top quality medical and healthcare services. And with that attractive offers of health and medical tourism India are preferred when it comes to choosing affordable healthcare services in India. According to the American medical association, India has some of the best healthcare facilities that make it a globally competitive destination for patients seeking urgent and delicate medical procedures as it provides top notch surgeries and treatments from equally well qualified surgeons, doctors and medical health practitioners. These services are routed through specialized medical tourism agencies that cater for patient’s welfare and treatment while in the country.

Comparative Medical Treatment Costs with Medical Tourism India Compared to World Average Costs

With a range of diseases or medical complications ranging from heart disease, IVF treatment, knee replacement, angioplasty, eyes, cancer surgery, hip resurfacing and replacement, dental surgery among others, Indian hospitals, medical facilities and infrastructure accord the best and least costly treatments overall. With Indian medical tour packages there is access to a range of affordable treatments with high quality infrastructures.

Secondly, it’s also stated by the American Medical Association report that some specific international surgeries are more affordable and reliable in India than anywhere else as the quality has been upgraded and maintained at high levels. For instance comparative treatment for heart valve replacement comes at 250,000 $, 100,000 $ in UK, 12,500 $ in Singapore, 10,000 $ in Thailand and India offers same treatments at only 8000 $. This brings out the clear premium medical cost advantage in favor of India.

Importantly, choosing the medical tourism packages gives patients a world class range of options in post surgery recovery destinations to convalesce in top notch surroundings all in affordable budget compared to global treatment costs.

That’s why, Indian medical tourism is prominent for providing competitive treatment value to patients. Exploring the best medical tourism services India brings bright recovery prospects for all patients from around the world through Fly with AJ.