Favorable Growth Projection of Medical Tourism India with Flywithaj

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Whereas there are many areas in the Indian growth story to be enthusiastic about, Indian Medical Tourism still presents the highest levels of hope and optimism. Currently pegged at above 3-4 billion dollars the sector is expected to double up to 7-8 billion dollars by 2020 (4 years time). There are many reasons why Health and Medical Tourism India is undergoing such unprecedented transformation since India got independence.

The pace of change in Indian economy particularly health sector has resulted in specialized and committed Medical Tourism Services India for the best benefit of the patients. They provide patients tremendous value.

What Makes Medical Tourism Packages Beneficial at Flywithaj.com?

Attaching value added services in pursuit of medical excellence and quality, most Indian health facilities attach great importance to service partners in making the whole treatment experience for patients smooth and comfortable. The Medical tourism agencies like Fly with Aj provide vital links in making health services robust and smooth.

Availability of latest medical technologies for in treatment India; India offers some of the best trained doctors and latest technology in meeting all the needs for treatment at the best hospitals. They are moreover well maintained and administered for effective recovery process of the patients or those seeking high end medical procedures.

Improved compliance with international quality standards; many patients come with specific complications in need of specialized treatment which calls for special compliance with international standards.

Significant comparative reduced treatment costs; in comparison to foreign countries, the cost of treatment differential is quite significant that acts as a pull factor.

Government facilitation Programs like Visa on Arrival; the active involvement of the Indian government has benefited many regions around the world from such schemes.

Improved language communication for foreign patients; several hospitals and medical tourism services India provide and harness the best interests of the patients while staying in the country through easy communication. As a medical tourism agency this sets Indian medical tour packages the best limelight.

A variety of medical treatments are available in India at best prices with Medical Tour Packages at offer by AJ Travels Pvt. Ltd.