Experience Natural Beauty of Himalayas on Hills & Adventure Package of Fly with Aj

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Himalayas are known as the tallest mountains in world with the tallest peaks of Mount Everest covering extremely high points reaching elevations of 8,848m. This provides ample scenic beauty on the hills and adventure package for those keen to escape and enjoy the pure air in the high heights of the Himalayas.

There is also added blessing of seeing the extremely rare and unique traditions in these regions that is not seen elsewhere in the all India package which propels the adventure a few notches higher with amazing discovery.

Some of the Incredible and Breathtaking Sights on the Hills and Adventure Package

When on an India tour package of fly with aj, the possibilities for exciting sights and scenes are manifold given the attractive natural beauty that awaits the traveler at every turn in the sojourn and destinations. Yet in all this, the hills and adventure packages open up these amazing sights in attractively special ways with memories that remain or stay in the consciousness of the adventurer.

Serene Monasteries; the tranquility and silence is imposingly contagious in a serene, tranquil and attractive way that leaves most visitors with a treasure forever. They are the heritages of thousands of years of practice.

Darjeeling Tea Gardens; the Himalayan regions produce some of the most aroma rich tea varieties in India perhaps even in the world. But more that, the nature and style of tea gardens in natural art to behold forever.

Three Sisters – Mount Everest, Makalu and Lhotse; for those keen on the high mountain ranges there is room to experience your passion with a purposeful closeness to the world’s tallest peaks. Himalayan region on the Indian side is an excellent way to climb and see the un-imagined natural beauty in the world.

Discover and behold some of the prettiest and incredible views of natural beauty with India Tour Package.