Attractions & Fun Activities in Seychelles



Attractions and Fun Activities in Seychelles

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Seychelles Island is a tiny archipelago (composed of 115 small islands) in the middle of the Indian Ocean predominantly occupied by the native indigenous population. The capital city Victoria is based at Mahé Island one of the largest and interesting. It is characterized by a mix of cultures that have made it the hub of modern global cultural tourism surrounded by equally major island nations and territories. The attractive blue of marine life that surrounds this beautiful nation in the middle of the Indian ocean has crafted it into a sought after tropical paradise in the midst of high sea voyages and transits.

Enchantments and Excitements in the Midst of the Island Breezes

Although typically withdrawn from the closest mainland of East Africa (1500kms), the small nation draws inspiration from its collection of many islands that form a unique cultural melting pot for any ardent tourist and visitor. Indeed there is mix of attractions from the cultural, scientific, political and other views that weave a streak of mysticism and curiosity. There have been a string of recent developments that excite tourists no less.

Enjoy the Fascination of Things to Do in Seychelles

Scuba Diving – finding more about the mesmerizing world of the undersea and its intricate patterns. There many expeditions to the deep and unexplored depth of the oceans.

Marine Life Study – there is always more to the excitement that we see with the naked eye the sea. It is interesting and provides insights into the world around us.

Attractions and Things to See in Seychelles

The swathe of beautiful ocean complements the still and calm of greenery that extends for miles and for once, one is mindful this is a true tropical paradise to behold. The cool breeze sweeping over the face as one surveys its peaceful and inviting hinterland. There is a prompting to break out into carefree stroll as the terrain beckons with an admirable ease. However, these primary attractions leave an impression on the tourists mind and conscience of time well spent in relaxing;

Aldabra Tortoise The largest and oldest tortoise species known to man have their home and natural reserve on the waters and lands of nature green of the island. It has inspired the conservation efforts that are also supported by large international groups and funds.

Mahé Island, Island It is the largest and vast island of the nation that also comprises the country’s spectacular capital of Victoria. The metropolitan city boasts of all modern amusements and hotels to while away in the middle of the sea.

Coral Reefs These amazing sea formations and creatures are a great attraction especially for marine life study and investigation with regard to global warming. They are very attractive sea creatures.

Impressive Places to Stay Providing Breathtaking Vibrant Nature and Sea

The lush, withdrawn and silent tropical paradise is known, Seychelles Islands has an inviting cove of prominent getaways to soothe and replenish your spirit with remarkable grace.

Kempiski Seychelles Resort Impressively calm and surrounded by the inviting character of modern tradition on Baie Lazare Mahé Island, Mahe, Seychelles, the resort is a tropical paradise to while away the best of memories and fun.

Four Seasons Resort, Seychelles It’s tucked away in the secluded quite of dense thicket on one side, and with pleasant greenery and blue lagoon waters on the other, there is every reason to find a blockbuster holiday and relaxation.

Coral Strand Smart Choice Hotel, Seychelles Coral reefs always ignite curiosity and this hotel location gives vantage views of some breath taking scenery.

Amazing Tasty Tidbits of What to Eat in Seychelles

Given the widespread charm of diversity and gifted some of the most remarkable natural attractions, Seychelles Islands has some of the most appetizing marine food to savor for the outbound and voyage interested visitor.

The country is gifted with a diversity of fruits and sea foods that nourish and sustain life; They include; Avocados, mangos, oranges, aubergines, melons, jack fruit, grapes and others.

The sea life creatures like crab, prawns interspersed with beef, mutton and pork supplement the daily nutrition. There are always many ways to experiment with the modern cuisines and cooking.