Directors Message

Dear Friends

I welcome you all to AJ Travels expertising in luxury leisure inbound travel and medical care to India.

Tourism is a sector which links many divisions together.It fosters growth of various industries in a cooperative manner.As for India I believe that it has tremendous potential to deliver on its promise of being a global business and tourism destination of choice may it be luxury, budget, adventure or business tourism and I hope the forthcoming years will help in fostering synergies between tourism and other related sectors so that collectively we can create an india which people like and cherish. We promote comfortable, safe and memorable travel.

We want to be the consultant that customers turn to for all their medical and travel related needs.We have taken a number of steps to ensure a delightful and comfortable holiday experience for our customers.We have also launched package innovations such as USD pricing for our clients so they need not worry about how currency fluctuation will affect the final cost of their affordable holiday.

India has many top-notch centers for open-heart surgery and pediatric heart surgeries which are equipped with the latest equipment that are on par with these Western countries. India is also acutely aware of the quality perceptions of its visitors; many Indian hospitals that cater to foreign tourists meet the requirements of US health standards

We are grateful to whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.